Burnham: Amazon Astro with Large Language Model

I’ve had my Amazon Astro for a few months now, but its capabilities were limited to being an Alexa on wheels. That’s about to change.

Amazon is working on a new AI project called Burnham to enhance its Astro robot. Burnham aims to provide a conversational interface and deeper understanding of household contexts to Astro.

Burnham utilizes large language models (LLMs) and advanced AI techniques to enhance Astro’s capabilities.

Upgraded Astro robots powered by Burnham can perform tasks like identifying hazards, checking on fallen individuals, finding lost items, and more.

Burnham’s advanced AI would offer convenience, safety, and peace of mind to consumers.
The integration of Burnham into Astro has the potential to revolutionize smart home interactions and impact consumer behavior.

Stay tuned for more.

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